Porcelain is my ultimate favorite material and I’m loving the process of the craft: every step in the process needs your full attention and care. For my graduation project I’ve researched the process of this craft and changed one important step in the process. I’ve replaced the standard plaster molds into textiles – in this way I’ve developed my own technique.

With this technique I’m making from damask tablecloths en napkins a set of porcelain tableware which consists of several vases, bowls and cups. You can see the details of the damask perfectly in the porcelain. It gives the porcelain a very subtile and soft look. Every single product of this tableware serie is hand made and unique in shape and structure. There is just one of each: you’ll never find another one.

Are you wondering how that works? See the making of video here.

Tableware – vase – € 169.-
Tableware – vase details
Tableware – vase details
Tableware – vase
Tableware – bowl – € 49.-
Tableware – cup – € 29.-
Tableware – overview products