About Am

“I’m inspired by daily actions and the use of it. My work hovers between aesthetics and functionality. You can put my products somewhere and look at it but it also has a function. I experiment a lot and find it interesting to give an unusual twist to products. This gives it something extra, something unique.”

In june 2014 Amber Rep (1989) graduated of the School of Arts in Utrecht. During the education Product Design she became acquainted with the many aspects of the design world. From graphic design to the management of various trades and techniques.  She noticed that she could handle her creativity and ideas the best in products of porcelain. Working with ceramic appeared to have a great attraction for her.

For Tableware, her graduation project, she developed an entirely new technology. She replaced the standard molds of plaster into molds of damask, a fabric that is created by an ancient weaving technique. The result is a sophisticated series of porcelain crockery, in which the pattern of the soft damask is immortalized. Each mold is used only once, giving each product a unique appearance.

Amber Rep lives in Amsterdam and grew up in Den Ilp. Before she started at the School of Arts in Utrecht she passed an education 
stand-, shop- and scenery design at the Mediacollege in Amsterdam. Besides her work with ceramics in her studio in Den Ilp
she is also working as a freelance graphic and spatial designer.


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